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About Al-Edlah Establishment for Poultry and Import

About Al-Edlah Establishment for Poultry and Import

Al-Adala Establishment was established in 2008 and was established in 2008. The purpose of its establishment was to establish production farms for broiler chicks and raising chicken, mothers producing chicks and poultry producing eggs and poultry meat in order to support local consumption and exportation and establishment of feed factories of all kinds.

Since its establishment, the foundation has been engaged in the manufacture and production of chicks, table eggs, broiler chickens and their feed industry.

We are the Best

  • Highest Quality Standards

    This is due to the adoption of a distinguished business model based on vertical integration of operations and import control from the best quality companies in all its areas.
  • Our Deep Experience

    Since our establishment, we achieved an extremely reputable name among our clients. That history enables us to pioneer our Yemeni market, winning the competition against our competitors.
  • Professional Qualified Staff

    Our highly trained qualified staff of technicians and veterinary doctors who are keen on and ready to provide our clients with the maximum support and consultations they need.
  • Wide Products Range

    We provide our clients with full range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and medicines as well as feed additives, which we import it from best world-wide sources.
  • Strong infrastructure

    The Corporate owns various breeding plants for chicken production, owns a national wide distribution and sales network.

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Al-Edlah Establishment for Poultry and Import

The company's operations cover all stages of production and processing, starting with poultry raising, hatchery activities, fattening, equipment and other service activities such as transport. The company has modern transportation means to transport feed, chicks and poultry to its customers. Al-Adala Agriculture & Poultry owns a professional team with accumulated experience. Which is what drives the institution to work continuously to achieve its objectives.

Poultry Sector Products

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