Livestock is one of the most important elements of power in a country's economy. Individuals use animal husbandry to achieve self-sufficiency or even profit from it. From this wealth chicken and egg production, it is an important food containing animal proteins by 12%, carbohydrates, cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and B, iron, it is a mass of protein needed by the body to build Muscle, and calcium to build bones, since people rely on chicken eggs to get these important elements. Al-Edlah Establishment for Poultry and Import is the best of its staff and its leading workers in the raising of white chickens from the time of incubation until the production period and the provision of consumer goods.

As the white chickens go through stages ranging from one day to 18 months, and divided into three sections: incubation period of chicks: starting from the first day hatching up to 8 weeks. Period of care of chicks or incubation stage: It starts from 9 weeks until the pre-egg laying period (18-20 weeks). Egg production period: Starting from the 21st week until the end of production period, which lasts until the 80th week.