Parent Stock breeding is one of the largest productive sectors in the world, which has exceeded the interest of many investors in the poultry farming sectors. However, the objectives of this sector depend on the successful management of the herd and thus obtain the ideal production and higher than the mothers. Since the establishment of Al-Edlah Establishment for Poultry and Import from the leading institutions in the breeding of chicken mothers since the time of receipt or purchase chicks until the production period and send eggs to the broth and then provide the item (chicks) to the local market on which the consumer is the purchase and then raising chickens broiler .

As the Parent Stock go through stages ranging from one day to 18 months, and divided into three sections: incubation period of the chicks: starting from the first day hatching up to 8 weeks. Period of care of chicks or incubation stage: It starts from 9 weeks until the pre-egg laying period (18-20 weeks). The period of egg production on which it is based is to go to the slaughter: It starts from the 21st week until the end of production period, which lasts until the 80th week.